Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, November 25, 2021
President Chris welcomed Rotarians and prospective new member Carol Anstey. 
Club Business
Christmas Social
Gerry reported on the December 14th Christmas social. This will begin with a social gathering between 5pm to 7pm at the home of President Chris. This will be followed by a concert at the RAC.  It should be a fun evening.
S.A. Toy Drive
Paula told how the Salvation Army has again requested Rotarians help in providing gift cards for older children (those over the age 12) during the S.A. Christmas Hamper Campaign.  Rotarians have in the past, purchased $25 gift cards as part of this project.  She asked that Rotarians donate a $25 gift card and bring it to the next Rotary meeting December 9th, or e-transfer the money to her and she will purchase the gift cards.  Paula thanked everyone for their help with this worthwhile cause.
  Food Bank
Olaf informed Rotarians that donations can be made to the Food Bank in the name of Rotary.
Ghanaian Water Project 
The Club has committed 5000USD and will be a major partner in the Ghana water project # GG22-29944. The total project cost is 145,089USD.
Program-chair Olaf introduced his guest speaker Floyd Spracklin. Floyd a local author and former teacher, has just published his latest book - ‘The Write Day’.
Floyd began talking about how he encourages people to write down family stories and the impact this has had on his life. His own books are to be found in many different places even used to teach literacy in Cuba.
His aim at his book launch this evening at the RAC is to take people through the process of writing. Many people plan to write but never get around to it and his aim is to help would-be-writers commit to a piece of writing. Besides writing his own books, Floyd has been a proof editor for two authors Rob Hutchings and Jennifer Elms who both grew up in Corner Brook. At the book launch, he plans to be a mentor to and encourage writers to tell stories of their own and their family’s life.
 He illustrated this by talking of a story he wrote for a neighbour about a family member who was a private in WW1. He read a section from his book about Private Thomas Flowers. Floyd told more tales about friends and his family. His aim is to encourage would-be-writers to write even if it is not written well initially.
He noted he has had the same publisher since his first book. The front cover of each book is one of his own paintings. He feels it is very important to share stories of family and community. Floyd finished by sharing his next plan which is to complete his fourth book whilst in Nain for the winter
Elaine thanked Floyd for his fascinating talk.
The meeting was adjourned following Floyd’s talk.