Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, October 19, 2023
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.
Club Business
Fundraiser Toonie Quest West
 The weekly Toonie Quest West draw took place earlier today with the winner taking home $823.    On Wednesday afternoon collected toonies and bills were counted and collated. Rotarians and Xavier House representatives had collected all the monies earlier in the day from the different stores.  Each Wednesday Rotary will be looking for volunteers to empty and collect the monies for the weekly draw and in the afternoon at the Port Office to help with the counting and collating of the collected money.
Xavier Fundraising Dance
Xavier House is planning a fundraising dance to be held at the Canadian Legion on Saturday, November 4th. Tickets are available and any help Rotarians can give on the night by collecting tickets at the door, selling 50-50 tickets etc. would be appreciated. 
Guest Speaker
Program – Chair Leslie introduced her guest speaker Brittany Noseworthy, library technician of the Corner Brook City Library. Her dynamic talk was about the many varied community programs offered by the library.
 In her presentation, Brittany went through the different community programs and services offered by the library. The number of programs available amazed everyone. She began by listing and speaking about the community services offered which included in-person or digital services. In the library itself, there is internet and WIFI offered, computer access, printing and faxing, photocopying services, a microfilm reader with printer, home reader service plus interlibrary loans and an e-library.  Also offered are large print books, talking books, audio books, CDs, DVDs and videos and The Western Star on microfilm from 1900. Brittany continued by talking about the in-library activities which include a variety book clubs and the chance for book clubs to borrow kits for their clubs.
 The library holds its own writing group and holds book launches for local authors. One she mentioned was the one for local author Shelley Kawaja. 
Regular activities are held such as ESL Conversation Café, crafty afternoons, Dungeons and Dragons for ages 14+ and all experience levels, new board game group, children’s groups, library yoga, Lego time for ages 3+ that encourages imaginative play with Lego blocks, family story time plus different not-for-profit groups can meet in the library by booking space. The list continues with kits that can be borrowed by library patrons such as borrowing the new Orion library telescope, Get Moving Physical Literacy Kits that encourage and motivate activity, Bird watching kits for kids, adults, and families. The library also offers computer skills sessions for any age group giving individual or small group sessions.
 Brittany continued by talking about the digital library offerings that offer resources for all ages. Books, audio books, magazines and newspapers are available for download to e-Readers, IOS, and Android devices.
Brittany answered several questions before being thanked by Olaf.
The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm