Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, October 28, 2021
President Chris welcomed Rotarians and guests Lionel Keeping and Beverly Hare.
Club Business
Gerry spoke about past members who have returned to Corner Brook or because of covid-19 had to resign from the Club. He suggested that they be approached to return to Rotary. The Club should actively be looking for new members and perhaps a brainstorming session could be held to suggest ways to attract new members. Chris then spoke about corporate Rotary membership and how the Club could consider this.  
Possible International/National Projects
Details of donating towards a Dental Armenian project were brought up as was a Ghanaian water project. This project is being spearheaded by the Rotary Club of Virginia and the Sydney Sunrise Club is involved. More details about these projects will follow. 
Chris has donated $500 on behalf of the Club to the Kids Eat Smart Foundation and this money will be used in the local area.
Rotary June Auction 2021
Some items from the spring Auction are still at hand. Linda spoke of alternatives for these items as they could be used at the next auction, have a Hong Kong Auction or an auction through ClubRunner for Rotarians. These choices will be investigated to see the best option.
Christmas Social
Gerry suggested having a Christmas social that will include attending the RAC as a group on December 14thfor a concert.
Program-chair Kathleen introduced her daughter Dr. Jennifer Snow speaking on the Transformative Power of Music through the reach of music engagement and its impact on education, health, community, and civic well-being.
Jennifer began by speaking of her own experiences through the Rotary Music Festival and her career path through higher education, performance, research, technology, writing and leadership. She spoke about how beneficial the Music Festival had been to her and thanked the Club for its efforts.
She talked about how music transforms people and the effect during the pandemic of no live performances. She continued by saying music is not just performance but is the most powerful force in the world. Music careers are expanding with areas of music opening in child and youth development, neuroscience, psychology, medicine, therapeutic care, social justice, technology, therapeutic care, and human development.
From this overview, Jennifer noted how the power of music is being harnessed in all areas of life and its profound influence on humanity.
Some questions followed then Linda thanked Jennifer on behalf of the Club.
The meeting adjourned about 1.35pm.