The Spinner June 25 2020

Notes from the Rotary Meeting  12.30pm Thursday, June 26 2020 

President Trina chaired the meeting.

She welcomed everyone to the patio of the Pollett Building. Rotarians attending had brought their own chairs  so physical distancing could be observed. The Club, thanks to Jackie, had ordered cold-plates and treats for lunch for those that would like them. The weather was beautiful and the view over the bay added to everyone's pleasure  in being together in person.

Financial Report

 Jackie passed out a summary of the club’s finances and discussed various items in the report. Thanks was given to Rotarians, friends and family who had helped to make facemasks. Lorraine was saluted as the facemask queen.   This project had enabled the Club to be in good financial standing for the coming year.

The Rotary Scholarship for Community Service valued $3000 over two years has been awarded this year to a student from CBRHS. At the meeting she could not be publicly named but Maggie Hunt who will be attending Grenfell Campus in September, is the recipient.

From the review and questions it was decided that at the next  executive meeting, funds earmarked for certain projects will be reviewed and assessed.

Honorary Members

Trina called on Ann, Verbon and Paula to  introduce and speak of the service over the years of three active Rotarians who now will become Honorary Club members.

Paula began by speaking of Bernd Staeben followed by Verbon speaking about Martin Steele and lastly Ann spoke about Ron Dolomount.   Congratulations to all three who have exemplified the Rotary motto ‘Service before Self’  for many years.

Presentation to Outgoing President

The Rotary year ends June 30th. so incoming President Chris thanked  Trina for serving as President  for two years and presented her with a gift

President’s Report

Trina  reviewed the past two years and thanked all Rotarians for their support and in particular thanked those who had chaired  activities that added to the running and strength of the Club.   The next meeting will be in July with details to follow later.             

Trina welcomed the new executive for 2020-21 before wishing everyone a good and healthy summer. 

The meeting was adjourned  at 1.30pm 

Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile