Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, August 19, 2021
The meeting was held at the patio of the Wayward Spruce Restaurant, Lundrigan Drive.
President Chris welcomed Rotarians who then introduced their guests- Sybil Steele, Alison McHugh, Katie Healey, Rochelle Staeben, Beverly Hare, Jennifer Snow, Lisa Snow, Keaton Snow, Katie Diamond, Doreen Barrett and Lionel Keeping.
Club Business
 Summer Social
Chris reminded Rotarians of the Summer BBQ at his cabin, Georges’ Lake on Wednesday, August 25th to which all Rotarians with their partners and family are invited,
Kathleen introduced her son-in-law, Jens Lindemann, who is a German born Canadian trumpet soloist, based in Los Angeles. Jens is the first classical brass soloist to be awarded the Order of Canada and played in the Canadian brass from 1996 to 2001. He continues to play both jazz and classical music at major concert venues and as an orchestral soloist. He teaches at UCLA and is a Yamaha artist. Jens performed several pieces both classical and well-known songs. It was an ideal setting as the meal had been served on the Windward Spruce patio. Jens did speak of the value of music and the effect of the covid lockdown on musicians.  He told of the local outdoor concerts he had hosted near his home in Los Angeles and how starved people had been for in-person concerts.  When he had finished playing, he was thanked by Gerry.  There was time before and after the meeting for Jens to chat with Rotarians who had all greatly enjoyed his playing.