Notes from the Rotary Meeting  12.30pm Thursday, February 4  2021 

President Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting

Club Business

Rotary Read A-Long

Kathleen explained  that the annual Rotary Read A-Long will go ahead this year in a modified form.  Grenfell Campus is  again  sponsoring $500 to be given this year to Sacred Heart Elementary School.  Thank you Vice-Principal Rotarian Jeff.

The school will use the money to buy books for their 9 classrooms. School Vice-Principal Jennifer Sansome has suggested that when the classrooms have their books, Rotarians and volunteers can read or chat with the students in the different classrooms through google-meet. More information will be given about this later.

Adventures in Citizenship 2021

Adventures in Citizenship 2021 arranged by the Ottawa Club, will go ahead virtually. Chair Leslie has suggested that the winner from last year be invited to participate in the 2021 program. This idea was agreed upon. 

Cost of Lunch Meals

Jackie has talked with the GlynMill Inn regarding  in-person lunch meeting menus. The cost will be increased to $20 including taxes and tips. There will be an option  of soup and salad added and other dishes to the menu options. This  was agreed by the membership.

On-Line Auction

Chris reported on the meeting held last Thursday to discuss possible fundraising ideas. The meeting included a zoom visit from Wayne Bartlett. He has the rights to software that is used to organize online auctions. He spoke how with the software an on-line auction fundraiser could be run. Firstly a committee needs to be formed and Chris asked for volunteers from those present. Chris, Olaf Linda, Gerry, Noreen and Kathleen volunteered.  In order to show donated items on the auction web page excellent photographs will be needed so a request for Rotarians and friends who could help with this, was made.

Wayne is hoping to be in Corner Brook this month so it is hoped he will be able to speak to Rotarians on the organising  details needed for a successful on-line auction.

Rotarians will as usual need to canvas businesses for donations that would be offered  virtually through the fundraiser auction A probable date for this would be mid-May.


Guest Speaker

Program chair Bernd introduced his guest speaker Mayor Jim Parsons.

Jim gave an informative talk on the different happenings in the city in the last few months.

He began by commenting on the cut in expenditures due to covid pandemic lock down.

The results are the city has funds in reserve.This was helped by  Public Works being  scaled

 back last year,  federal grants were received , and no new hires were made at City Hall 

without  jobs being lost.

In the budget different assessments have been  made  for different businesses taking into 

consideration that 2020 was a difficult year for the hospitality sector in particular.

The city plans to invest in 2021 in public works with new sidewalks,  a new road sweeper 

and some city rezoning. 

The plans for the coming year will include  investigating  a shared wastewater service with 

the Kruger mill,  building a regional tourist product for the  area which could include 

partnerships with different stakeholders.

City recreation will be expanded with a major joint project with Grenfell Campus for a new 

recreational centre  to be built at the rear of the Arts and Science  building    This  will 

include swimming pools, therapeutic pools as well as a gym and a multi use area.    

 Jubilee Field renovations will be finished this year.

The number of community gardens and  playgrounds will be increased.

There is to be  a comprehensive review of the transit system. Different models will be 

reviewed to see the best fit for the city's bus users.

Mayor Parsons feels that the city is self sustainable and in the future money spent in urban

 hubs would be a good  government focus.  

Jim finished his positive talk by looking forward to a good year for the city in 2021

Gerry thanked Jim  before  the meeting adjourned at 1.30pm

Next Regular Rotary Lunch Meeting - Thursday, February 18  2021 at Glynmill Inn at 12.30pm