Notes from the Rotary Meeting  12.30pm Thursday, January 21 2021 

President Chris welcomed everyone to the meeting

Club Business

Executive Meeting

Chris let everyone present know that District  Governor Ian Doyle attended the zoom executive meeting on Tuesday, January 19. He gave a report of the work being done at the district level. He will be forwarding a powerpoint presentation to Chris that will be shared with the Club.

Fundraising - Selling of seeds or bulbs

Kathleen checked with Vesey Seeds and they are not offering any corporate fundraising this year due to covid restrictions.  Gerry had contacted two seed companies, Gaze’s in St John’s and the Halifax Seed Company. The Halifax Seed company is offering corporate fundraising this year with different seed package bundles  available.  Gerry quickly reviewed the different packages and the amount raised would be 50% of the amount sold.  This seemed like a good idea but in discussion it seemed the Club would prefer  to have one larger fundraiser rather than several smaller ones.  This project is still a possibility to be considered.

Guest Speaker

Program chair Olaf introduced his guest Folklore Professor John Bodner from Grenfell Campus. 

John, originally from Gasline Ontario on the shores of Lake Erie has been at  Grenfell since 2008. He did his folklore degrees in St. John’s in the late 90s. His  research tends to be similar to anthropology: living with the people he has studied for months or years by trying to understand their everyday lives. He has  studied tree planters in northern Ontario; street kids in downtown Toronto; and illegal pot growers in a village in BC. He is  interested in the struggles of marginalized communities and how they make their way in the world. He came to study Contemporary legends and conspiracy theories because they kept popping up in his research groups and exploded during the pandemic. 

He, with five co-authors has just published a book Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories- QAnon, 5G, the New World Order and Other Viral Ideas.

He spoke about understanding conspiracy theories which he believes always exist in society but under social crises become more prominent. These theories can try to offer a simple solution to complex problems.  The talk was really interesting as he analysed different current conspiracy theories and discussed why these theories are used often by marginalized people  to offer blame for their problems. These theories which have existed for generations become dangerous when politically biased against civil society.

John answered several questions before being thanked by Olaf 

The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm

Next Regular Rotary Lunch Meeting - Thursday, February 4  2021 at Glynmill Inn at 12.30pm

**Extra Rotary Meeting------On Thursday, January 28 2021 there will be a meeting held at the Port Authority at 12.30pm to discuss in detail a possible on-line  auction fundraiser  in the spring or other possible fundraisers.  All Rotarians are invited to attend .**