Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, June 30, 2022
President Chris welcomed Rotarians to the meeting. Prospective primary corporate designee Josh Parsons was welcomed as were two guests Anthony Waddell and Martine Babineau from. the Atlantic International Passport Rotary Club. Anthony and Martine from New Brunswick are travelling to St John’s to participate in the celebration of the visit of Jennifer Jones, Rotary International president on July 2nd – 3rd
Club Business
Chris reviewed the Club business for the last two weeks.
Rotary Global Grant Scholarship
The official documents for the Rotary Scholarship have been signed. Chris as president has signed various legal documents on behalf of the club.  He has suggested to Lorraine, primary club contact and scholarship committee member Lesley that an account be opened for the scholarship grant funds to simplify accounting.
Lobster Boil / BBQ Social June 22nd
Thanks were given to Eudevilla and Ron for hosting this social which was greatly enjoyed. Gerry was thanked for the work he did to make this social such a success.
New Executive
It is hoped in the next few weeks that the executive for 2022-23 will be in place.
Jackie will be the new president; Lorraine will take on the role of treasurer and the Vice President will be Olaf.
Rotary Read A-Long
Kathleen has heard from Westside Elementary School that because of circumstances the Read A-Long could not be held in June. It is hoped a date can be set in the fall for Rotarians and friends to go into the school to read from the books donated by the Club for classroom libraries.
Honorary member Martin introduced the guest speaker Gaylene Buckle, General Manager of Theatre Newfoundland, and Labrador (TNL). Gaylene spoke about the Gros Morne Theatre Festival which is a major Canadian Theatre Festival based in Cow Head, in the Gros Morne National Park.
Gaylene began by looking back when she was hired by TNL in 1995. She reviewed the work of TNL at that time and noted how in the intervening years, its growth. She noted in 1996 the summer festival began with the dinner theatre show SS Ethie. Last year there was a soft opening of the new theatre the Nurse Myra Bennett Center for the Performing Arts, Cow Head. This year a full summer season is planned. The shows planned are: -
SS Ethie Dinner Theatre, The Birds, Ed & Ed New B & B, Neddy Norris Night, Jewel, The Only living Father, and Come Back Monday. There will also be performances by The Once, The Fortunate Ones, Petrina Bromley and Mary Walsh reading her new play plus there will be an Indigenous Community Festival. The 2022 season looks as if will be very successful with many pre-booked tickets already sold.
Gaylene answered a couple of questions before being thanked by Bernd on behalf of the club.
The meeting was adjourned.
A short Executive Meeting followed the meeting.