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Regular Rotary lunch meetings are held weekly at the Glynmill Inn on Thursdays at 12.30pm - 1.30pm. Rotarians and friends call 709 634 -3789 for more information.
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Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 25, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Olaf introduced the guest speaker Janna Hartson.   Janna is a member of the Western Health FACT (Flexible Assertive Community Treatment) Team. First introduced in 2020, FACT teams provide treatment for individuals 18 years of age and older who are experiencing serious mental illness. The teams offer individuals hands-on assistance with daily living activities and provide continuous long-term support. Janna spoke about FACT and the composition of the local FACT team. FACT teams are often called hospitals without walls because they provide treatment such as medication administration when individuals are unwell and unable to do this themselves. FACT teams also closely monitor individuals, help with hospital admission when needed and with discharge back to community as soon as possible. Through their long-term engagement with individuals and families and their assertive outreach approach, they help prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions and provide better opportunities for individuals to live well in their communities. FACT teams are available up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week with after-hours service available in the event of emergencies.
Janna talked about her role as a member of the FACT team and the different services available. Throughout her talk she answered questions that added to her presentation so Rotarians could more fully appreciate the work she is doing. 
Janna was thanked for her most informative and interesting talk before the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 18, 2024
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting. 
 Guests Gerard Duffney and Kaitlyn Priddle were introduced and welcomed. 
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Carol introduced guest speaker Tammy Priddle. Tammy is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Deer Lake Regional Airport.  Her presentation gave the club an update on the Regional Deer Lake Airport Authority. 
 Tammy began by looking at the Strategic Plan 2022- 2024 in which the vision of the airport stated that Deer Lake Airport would be a leading regional airport in Canada, maximizing connections, opportunities and travel journeys for people, businesses, and the communities served.
The mission of the airport is to deliver exceptional airport services and facilities, enhance all customer and partner experiences and generate economic activity for the region.  She continued by looking at the core values of the airport that are that the airport will be safe, respectful, collaborative, inclusive, innovative, and accountable.  The airport is moving towards the goals of maximizing business development, delivering an exceptional passenger experience, expanding partnerships, and strengthening the organisation. Tammy noted that the airport is a community that has partnerships with local charities such as the Islaview Foundation and different businesses. 
 She continued by looking at the weekly destinations from Deer Lake in August 2023. There were 84 flights each week going to the different destinations of Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Moncton, Goose Bay, and Hamilton with the carriers being Air Canada, PAL Airlines and Swoop.
 The latest developments will be that in summer 2024 the seat capacity will exceed 2019 levels, tourism partnerships are strong and growing, there will be a focus collaboratively on developing the shoulder season, and economic and business development in the region relies on effective air service.  
However ongoing airline challenges with pilots and crew will impact the airport operations as will inflation and the continuing rising costs of goods and services plus the cost to do business. 
Tammy noted a significant number of regulatory changes and regulations are taxing the airport’s human and financial resources and is also driving a significant degree of changes and elevating the expectations of Transport Canada and the general public- re: air service and air operations.
Tammy looked forward to summer 2024 and the services that will be offered. Porter Airlines will be flying from Deer Lake to Halifax from June 4 onward. This will be a daily service ending in October.  Air Canada will offer more flights to Montreal and will use planes with a greater passenger capacity. West Jet will offer flights 4 days a week with one flight going from Deer Lake direct to Calgary. Flair will be offering flights 3 days a week to Kitchener/Waterloo. This is exciting news for people living in Western Newfoundland.
 She concluded her talk by reviewing what was happening next from the AGM on April 4th, a public meeting in Corner Brook on May 8th to developments in the next few months from an updated strategic plan for 2025 – 2019 to a new parking system, apron extension and configuration of lines to water system repairs and sewer up grades to name just a few. 
Tammy answered several questions before being thanked by Olaf on behalf of the club and the meeting adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 11, 2024
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.  
 Guest Ford Neal was introduced and welcomed. 
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week.  Lorraine informed everyone that the next week toonie count on Wednesday April 18 will start at noon.
Guest Speaker
Honorary Rotarian Martin introduced the guest speaker Floyd Spracklin. Floyd began by speaking of his latest book ‘Beyond Shellbird” and how he became interested in Shellbird Island. It started in the 1080’s when Floyd and his father went fishing near Shellbird Island in the Humber River at the base of the ‘Man of the Mountain. As they fished, his father spoke of the folk tale that pirates had buried treasure on this small island.  At that fishing time, Floyd also walked around the little island probably hoping to find pirate treasure.  
Floyd who for many years had edited books and was always writing but not published wrote his first book that was published about Shellbird Island. Since then, he has published several books with his last being ‘Beyond Shellbird”.
 At the launch of this book last fall Lloyd Bartlett agreed to play at the opening. Preparing for the official book launch Lloyd wrote a song about Shellbird Island which he sang at the book launch.  
Floyd continued his talk by reading a section from ‘Beyond Shellbird’ and ended by playing Lloyd’s song’ The Mystery of Shellbird Island’.
A question period followed including questions about Floyd’s experiences in Nain and Northern Coastal Labrador. Floyd spoke about his experiences in the North and how his tales from Nain will be heard on the local northern radio station and the Downhomer magazine is going to showcase three of his Labrador stories in November.  Everyone enjoyed Floyd’s talk and the tales he shared from Labrador. He was thanked by Olaf on behalf of the club before the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 4, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
 Guests at the meeting Patti Ricketts, and Gerard Duffney were welcomed.
Green Shirt Day April 7 in support of transplant awareness
Rotarian Jim spoke about his own health journey in the past year leading into talking about Green Shirt Day and the value of registering as an organ donor.  Green Shirt Day takes place each year on April 7. It is a day to raise awareness of organ donation and register organ donors across Canada. Championed by the parents of Logan Boulet, a young hockey player on the Humboldt Broncos who became an organ donor after the terrible bus crash in 2018 that took his and 15 other lives. Canadians recognize Green Shirt Day by wearing green and talking about the powerful impact of organ donation. April is also Organ Donation Awareness Month across Canada.  Thank you, Jim for reminding everyone of the value of registering as an organ donor and reminding everyone to tell close family of your decision.
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week. 
Guest Speaker
President Jackie introduced Rotarian Peggy Hanlon-Brown as guest speaker. Peggy who is the Operations Manager of Logistec. Logistec manages the loading and off-loading of containers at the Corner Brook Port.
 Peggy began her slide presentation by giving the motto behind Logistec which is ‘Always ready to go Beyond.’ 
She gave the company mission statement and vision statement before looking at the values held by the company. The company shares a clear vision and has strong values to be the provider of choice for safe, sustainable, and creative solutions in the marine and environmental sectors.
The employees of the company are recognized for their operational excellence and Logistec with its solid processes and continuous learning has established reliable supply chains for its customers and effective remediation solutions for the environment. The company is resilient having people with an uncanny ability to find solid solutions.  These people are imaginative thinkers who are ready and go beyond. and challenge the status quo. Sustainability is important to the company as is safety. 
The Logistec family has two main branches. In the marine services branch there are terminal operations, marine services, and marine transportation and in the environmental services division there are site remuneration and soil and material management, water technologies and hose solutions.
 The Logistec network is large with 80 terminals and 54 ports offering services such as marine services, environmental services, and water technology services.
 In Corner Brook an international container terminal service is offered in partnership with Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. This service is increasing annually. Something else done locally is ‘Break-Bulk’ which involves a big cargo that needs to be lifted as well as bulk cargo such as road salt which is unloaded at this dock and then distributed throughout the area.
 Cargo handling at the port is done with a Kone Gottwald mobile harbour cranes, a Liebherr fixed pedestal crane, 3 Hyster reach stackers and 3 Mafi shunt trucks.  Peggy went on to speak of the working environment when up to 400 containers could be serviced weekly of these 300 would be for Kruger and the remaining 100 for other products. Two cranes would work per vessel taking 12 – 16 hours per vessel. She spoke of the current employment status with a total of 31 unionized employees, 7 non-unionized/management employees.
 She concluded her talk by looking at the Logistec Environmental services in operation for 35 years and noted Corner Brook is Green Marine certified. 
Peggy answered several questions before being thanked by Jackie.
 The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm. 
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, March 28, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
 Guests at the meeting Jennifer Crane, Patti Ricketts, Diana Alteen from Corporate member Poole Althouse Law Offices and Xavier House volunteer Gerard Duffney were welcomed.
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week. 
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Elaine introduced the guest speakers Bruce Hollett and Richard Wells who gave a presentation on Marble Mountain Ski Resort giving an update on the 2024 ski season and future plans. 
The professional presentation in which both Bruce and Richard spoke began by introducing the two speakers showing their backgrounds, experiences, and qualifications before working at Marble Mountain. Bruce is the CEO; Executive Chair of the Marble Mountain Development Corporation (MMCC)and Richard is the general manager since 2021 of Marble Mountain Ski Resort.
They continued by giving a brief history of the resort noting that skiing with lift service began in 1962, The current lodge which was built for the 1999 Canada Winter Games opened in 1995 and in 1988 the Marble Mountain Development Corporation came into being.
 Bruce and Richard continued by looking at what has been accomplished since 2021. The focus has been on revitalizing aging infrastructure, real progress has been made in transitioning to a 4-season resort, two collective agreements have been signed for staff, new services such as weddings and conferences are being offered, summer and fall lift tours are to be offered, mountain biking trails and usage will be expanded, and more entertainment experiences will be planned.
 They continued by looking at the economic impact that Marble Mountain Resort has locally and provincially. The resort is a major tourism draw, over 150 people are employed in the peak of the season and the annual budget is around 5 million dollars.
 They went on to look at the different challenges faced by the resort. One was the local demographic with a small and aging population. This means the resort relies on visitors from outside the region. Another factor is climate change which is resulting in shorter winters and adverse weather conditions.  The infrastructure whether buildings, lift systems or equipment is all aging.  Overall, this is a massive operation to run on a small budget. 
 The resort plans to focus on operational continuity through asset renewal, strengthening of existing local partnerships, and to look for new product and partnership development.  This is happening with summer lift tours, cruise ship and bus tour visitors, involving of the mountain bike community, to have hiking and guided tours as well as weddings, conferences and special events and entertainment.
 The Marble Mountain Resort is a major regional and provincial asset that is open to new ideas and partnerships as it realizes its potential to transition into a 4-season resort.
 The presentation finished with Bruce and Richard answering several questions including the recent devastating mud slide and how the 1000 tons of debris was cleared.  Jim thanked them on behalf of the club before the meeting adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, March 21, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
 Rotarian guest, John Andrews from the St. John’s North-Western Rotary Club and Xavier House volunteer Gerard Duffney were welcomed.
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner who would take home around $3000.
Executive For 2024 – 2025
Jackie mentioned that the executive for next year will need to be decided.
 Any Rotarians interested in serving on the executive for the coming year please let Jackie know.
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Lorraine introduced the guest speaker Danielle Brown from the Corner Brook Satellite Office of the Gander Military Family Resource Centre, MRFC. She is one of two employees with the other being Jenna Vautier. The Corner Brook MFRC is based at the Gallipoli Armoury, O’Connell Drive.
 Before Danielle spoke, she handed out an information sheet about the programs, and services offered by MFRC.  The purpose of the MFRC is to provide services, programs, and resources which will improve the quality of life for military families.  The resource centres support families in all aspects of military life. Their services are open to regular and reserve force members and their families.
The services offered include employment services such as resume and cover letter writing, job posting and interview techniques, assisting of members who are looking to complete a resume that is tailored to military and civilian jobs, and second language training.
MFRC can organise mental health referrals, offer help to veterans and their families and organize respite care while the military member is away on tasking training, deployment etc. In this case the spouse can use the service for self-care.
 Support is also given for family separation and reunion and deployment, help with medical travel and its costs as well as housing for Canadian military members and their families.
Danielle went through the various services and noted there are about 7 regular soldiers and about 100 reservists in the Corner Brook area.
Another service offered is to prepare and send overseas moral packages for Christmas, Easter, Canada Day (July 1).   Packages can be donated by groups to be sent overseas at these times. 
When she had finished her talk, many questions were asked of Danielle before she was thanked by Elaine on behalf of the club who noted how important the MFRC is for families.
The meeting finished with Jim spinning the Rotary Wheel and several Rotarians shared good news stories.
The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, March14, 2024
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting.  
 Rotarian guest, John Andrews from the St. John’s North-Western Rotary Club was welcomed as was Stan Pike and Ian’s guest, Harley Anderson, both of whom had helped as volunteers at the music festival. 
The meeting began with everyone singing the Ode to Newfoundland led by Shelley Neville 
Club Business
Guest Speaker
 Paula, chair of the Rotary Music Festival Board Introduced the festival adjudicators and their festival secretaries, as well as the music festival administrative coordinator Sandy Myles. The adjudicators were for Vocal- Shelley Neville and her festival secretary Katie Healey, for Piano- Paul Transue and his secretary Marylyn Murphy, for Musical Theatre and Choral Kelly-Ann Evans and her secretary Gail MacDonald and for Brass, Woodwind, Strings, and Band Michelle Cheramy and her secretary Ellen Janzen. All the adjudicators had travelled from St John’s to adjudicate at the Corner Brook festival.
 After the introductions everyone was treated to musical performances from the adjudicators.
Michelle began by playing two movements of G. F. Handel’s Sonata in C major for Flute, opus 1 no7 accompanied by Paul on keyboard. This was followed by Shelley singing two songs – ‘When I wish upon a Star’ from the Wizard of Oz and a Dame Vera Lynn classic – “I’ll be Seeing You.”
 Shelley noted that it was a pleasure to hear and listen to all the wonderful young people. She thanked Rotary for letting the Music Festival happen. She said that each person has a gift, and she found her gift through being involved in music festivals.
Karen, vice-president of the Music Festival Board thanked the adjudicators for performing at the lunch and for being adjudicators at the Corner Brook festival.
The meeting then adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, March 7, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
There was no winner this week in the Toonie Quest West draw. 
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Kathleen introduced the three level 3 students from Corner Brook Regional High School who were speaking at the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship Speak-off. The winner would attend the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship program in Ottawa from May 26 – 29 2024. The three speakers were, Lucas Upward, Gordon Staples and Gavin Staples. They spoke on what it means to be a Canadian.
The winner’s travel expenses are covered by the Corner Brook Club as is the registration fee to the Rotary Club of Ottawa.  Ottawa club welcomes around 150 students to the program and covers expenses of transportation to events, meals, and accommodation in a University of Ottawa residence.  The aim of this annual event is to provide a unique opportunity for a select group of young Canadians to come together and gain a better understanding of our country. Through meetings with political leaders, senior officials, and others, they learn a great deal about the workings of our democratic institutions. Through meeting one another and having discussions among themselves, they learn to appreciate the diversity of Canada and privileges and responsibilities of citizenship.
 There were three Rotarian judges were Adam, Lorraine, and Olaf. Before the meeting, the judges interviewed each of the students.
Guests Paula Grudich, teacher sponsor for this speak-off, and two parents, Bernie Staples and Laenora Ryba and were welcomed to the meeting. Thanks go to Paula for her help in encouraging students to participate in this speak-off and the support she gives the students.
 The three students gave excellent talks, and each gave a different perspective on what being a Canadian means. The judges met after the speeches and made the decision that Gavin Staples was the winner and would go to Ottawa for the Adventures in Citizenship program.  Judge Adam noted that it had been a very difficult decision to make as all three speeches were extremely good.
While the judges were deciding the winner, Jackie shared her good news that she had been awarded the prestigious 2024 Cruise Vision Award in recognition of her exceptional leadership and unwavering commitment to advancing the cruise industry in Newfoundland and Labrador, 
The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, February 29, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
There was winner this week in the Toonie Quest West draw who took home $1089.
Guest Speaker
The program today was about the Rotary Music Festival and the role of volunteer staffers at the different sessions.  Chair of the Music Festival Board
Paula welcomed the guests Jerry Bartlett, Evelyn Oldford, Mike Payne, Mary Grovier, Stan Pike volunteer staffers for the Rotary Music Festival, Sandy Myles, administrative coordinator of the festival and new board member Marcelle Boisjoli. 
 Paula went on to speak about the 60th annual Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival which will run from Sunday, March 10th to Saturday, March 16th. The Rose Bowl Concert will take place on Thursday, March 14th and the Final Concert will take place on Saturday, March 16th.  Both concerts will be held at the Arts and Culture Centre and will begin at 7 PM. There will be four adjudicators from the province and are they are for vocals, Shelley Neville, for piano, Paul Transue, For musical theatre and choral, Kelly Ann Evans and for brass, woodwind, strings, and bands Michelle Cheramy. 
Paula then turned the meeting over to festival board member Ian who then spoke about the different roles at the sessions for volunteer staffers.
 He had with him a schedule and asked Rotarians to sign up as a staffer when able to do so. After his presentation he answered several questions before the meeting was adjourned.
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