Late Spring Community Donations 


    Food vouchers for families 

   In early June, the Club  purchased 10  $50-food vouchers. These vouchers were given to social worker Jaqueline Carey to distribute to families in need.  

   Rotarian donations to Food Bank

    Many Rotarians donated the monies they saved from no in-person lunch meetings to the local food bank.

Facemarks donated to the Staff of Lohnes Seniors  Complex

Rotarians  Lorraine and Elaine  for Rotary sewed face masks for the staff of Lohnes Complex in Curling, which were donated in mid-May

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Rotary Arts Centre Donation

At the Rotary Lunch meeting on August 6 2020, David Smallwood of the  Rotary Arts Centre received a cheque from Rotary Club President  Chris Healey. This is the annual donation given by the Club  to support the Rotary Arts Centre and the Arts in Corner Brook.
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Rotary Polio Tulip Project

In July, Rotary Clubs in Districts 7820 and 7810 sold boxes of tulip bulbs provided by Vesey Seeds, PEI. Monies made will be given to the End Polio Now Fund to help eradicate world polio. The Corner Brook Club was one of the best  district sellers with 164 boxes sold. Bulbs will be received in September and planted on or before World Polio Day, October 24th.
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Honorary Membership Conferred


Congratulations to Martin Steele, Bernd Staeben, and Ron Dolomount on receiving Rotary's highest distinction of Honorary Membership. These three members distinguished themselves by their longtime service to the Club, embodying Rotary ideals. The honour was granted to them at the Rotary lunch meeting on June 25, 2020.

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Getting Together, Staying Apart

Our June 25th Rotary meeting looked a little different. This was our first get together in quite some time, and members were happy to be able to meet in person. The meeting was held at the Pollett Building patio, with each member bring his/her own chair and lunch. It was great to see everyone back together!
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