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Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.
Glynmill Inn
1B, Cobb Lane
Corner Brook, NL A2H 2V3
Regular Rotary lunch meetings are held weekly at the Glynmill Inn on Thursdays at 12.30pm - 1.30pm. Rotarians and friends call 709 634 -3789 for more information.
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Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, July 4, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
Guests -  Laeora Staples, mother of the guest speaker Gavin and Paula, Grudich teacher sponsor at CBRHS for the Adventures in Citizenship program were introduced and welcomed
Club Business Meeting
Jackie informed the club that the idea of a sponsorship program for the Rotary Club and Xavier House for the Toonie Quest West weekly 50 -50 draw has been suggested.   More details about this idea will be discussed later when the idea has been pursued further.
 Guest Speaker
 Kathleen introduced the guest speaker Gavin Staples. He is the CBRHS high school student who won the Adventures in Citizenship speak- off held in March. This earned him the opportunity to go to Ottawa from May 16 to May 29th to participate in the Rotary Adventures in Citizenship event arranged by the Rotary Club of Ottawa.  He with other Rotary sponsored high school students, gathered in Ottawa to gain a better understanding of Canada and the responsibilities of Canadian citizenship.
Gavin began by stating what a great experience it was to be part of this program and he thanked Rotarians for giving him this opportunity. He went through the day-to-day activities and talked about the different presentations given. He visited the Canadian War Museum which he found amazing. Another day they went to a Quebec maple sugar farm. A highlight for Garvin was the visit to Parliament.  Gavin had a tremendous experience in Ottawa as part of the Adventures in Citizenship program.
 Adam thanked Gavin for his talk before the meeting was adjourned   
 At the Rotary lunch meeting on June 13 2024, President Jackie proudly announced that Rotarian Jim Patriquinn has been recognised as a Paul Harris Fellow.    Elaine presented him with his special pin that acknowledges that he has made a $1000 contribution to the Rotary Foundation
 Congratulations from all Rotarians go to Jim, Corner Brook Club’s newest Paul Harris Fellow.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, June 13, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
 Club Business
Jackie proudly announced that Rotarian Jim Patriquinn has been recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.    Elaine presented him with his special pin that acknowledges that he has made a $1000 contribution to the Rotary Foundation
 Congratulations from all Rotarians go to Jim, Corner Brook Club’s newest Paul Harris Fellow.
Social Event
 There will be no Rotary lunch meeting next Thursday, June 20th as a Rotary Social will be held that evening.
Guest Speaker
 Adam introduced guest speaker Mike Kearley, director of Vine Place Community Centre. This centre offers a variety of programs and services, with a focus on supporting NL Housing tenants and low-income families and individuals. The centre provides a range of services including mental health support, peer support, substance use/addiction programs, and unemployment assistance. They also have a Summer Program for kids aged 6 to 10. 
This Centre is one of a network of neighbourhood community centres funded by NL Housing Corporation. These centres share a common mission and mandate to help improve the overall well-being of NLHC neighbourhoods and tenants by positively impacting the overall life circumstances of those living close to these centres
 Mike continued by looking at the services offered at Vine Place. There are a wide variety programs such as employment programs which cover topics such as wage supplemental, transitions to work, work force needs, and steps to success programs. 
He talked about the 5 summer camps when kids go to Pinchgut Lake Camp for 3 days with a cost of $10 per camper. At Christmas time food hampers are distributed as well as Christmas gifts. In September help is given in providing back packs containing school supplies. These are just a couple examples of donations that the Centre makes.
Mike talked about the effect of the covid years and how programs are being rebuilt at the moment. A pilot program stated in St John’s that has proved very good and this will be started across the province where family intervention workers are employed to help families navigate the provincial social system. It is hoped to have such a social worker in Corner Brook in the fall.
 He finished his talk by speaking of the new living 1–2-bedroom units to be built which will serve the needs of tenants better.
 Linda thanked Mike on behalf of the club after he answered several questions.
 The meeting was adjourned at 1.30pm
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, June 6, 2024
Vice- President Olaf chaired the meeting.  
 Guests Beverly Hare, Wendy Butt, Assistant Manager of the Glynmill Inn, and Connie Rose, General Manager of the Glynmill Inn were introduced and welcomed.
Guest Speaker
 Martin introduced the guest presenter Cory Abbott, Marketing Director of Steele Hotels Group of which the Glynmill Inn is a part.  Cory spoke about the Glynmill Inn which is celebrating its 100th Anniversary on June 30, 2024.
 On being introduced, Connie spoke of her personal connection to the Inn as her mother and siblings have all worked at the Inn. She noted the Glynmill Inn has been fortunate to have a loyal family-connected staff over the years.
Cory began by looking at the history of the Inn. In the early 1920s the Armstrong- Whitworth Company who were building the paper mill in Corner Brook, decided that senior staff needed living quarters. In 1923 Andrew Cobb designed the Tudor style “Staff House”. When the paper mill was operational this became the hotel known as the Glynmill Inn.  On May 16, 1924, Mr. Bill Cossitt and three employees of Pickering & Watson, signed the register and three weeks later, the first dinner was served. 
 On June 30, 1924, Sir Glyn West, Chairman of Armstrong-Whitworth Company Limited, officially opened the hotel.  The hotel had two dining areas, the Carriage Room, and a special private dining room for VIPs, had two bars, the Tudor Room and a special club called Blomidon, for members only and behind the building were tennis courts.
Cory showed several photographs of guests, some very famous, staff, and activities at the Inn over the years. The Inn has has served as a focal point for many local organizations. He noted that the Corner Brook Rotary Club held its first meeting in 1956 at the Glynmill Inn. 
 In 1974, the property was acquired by Atlantic Inns Limited, and an additional wing added.   Now the Glynmill Inn reflects a contemporary spirit but keeps its rich traditional heritage. The Inn is one of the best examples of a Tudor-inspired building in the province with the original Tudor Style half-timbering still in place.
 Cory continued by talking about the 100-year Anniversary celebrations that will take place. There will be collectible souvenirs available, a call for memories has been placed. Artifacts, photos and memories will be displayed in display cabinets as part of the 100-year celebrations.  On June 30th, there will be an Anniversary Dinner held in the Carriage Room for which tickets are available.  Questions and memories were shared before Gerry thanked Cory on behalf of the club.
 The Rotary Wheel was spun by Jim and Rotarians shared good news stories before the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 30, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
Diana Alteen, a corporate member of the Club, was welcomed along with guest Krista Noble from Deer Lake.
Guest Speaker
Jackie introduced the guest speaker Rotarian Carol Anstey. Carol began by speaking of her Real Estate business.  She is a non-selling real estate broker and she spoke of the advantages of being in that position. She feels this builds trust with her agents. She can research the real estate market and help her agents to be competitive and successful. In the past couple of years, she has been a mentor and coach for middle size brokerages throughout North America.
Carol continued by looking at how the market has rebound after the covid years. She observed that in the second quarter of this year the market should strengthen.
One of the housing issues that is very much in the news is the affordability of housing. Newfoundland and Labrador is the second most affordable province in which to buy property.  She asked her audience the question “Do you think property is affordable in the Corner Brook area. Several replies were given resulting that affordability depends on the average income of an area.  Carol compared the housing market to a similar size city in Texas by looking at the average house price and average income. 
She continued by looking at the impact of housing on young people. The number one factor for financial independence in her view is the owning of property. Housing affordability from this perspective is extremely important.
She continued by looking at what has contributed to the affordability of a property such as cost of construction plus the demography of the buyers. She continued by looking at the effect of millennials on the housing market as they are just entering the housing market.  The other effect on the market is the number of properties listed and this has declined in the past couple of years. Last year there were only 6 new permits granted for new homes in Corner Brook.
She continued by looking at different solutions to the present affordable housing problem. This led her talking about the land development reform needed in the province and how federal funds need to be directed to the non-profit sector, and the private sector needs to build in rural area. There will be increased pressure resulting in house prices rising unless land reforms in the province take place.
Carol answered several questions before being thanked by Jackie on behalf of the club. The meeting adjourned at 1.30pm.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, May 23, 2024
Vice- President Olaf chaired the meeting.  
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had no winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Olaf introduced the guest presenter Paul Wylezol, who is the Chairman of the Cabox Aspiring Geopark. This is a not-for-profit project initiated by the Newfoundland Chapter of the International Appalachian Trail, which traverses several UNESCO Global Geoparks and Aspiring Geoparks in Western Europe.  Begun in 2014, the project has received the support of 14 town councils in the Bay of Islands, lower Humber Valley and Bonne Bay South, as well as Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd, Grenfell Campus of Memorial University, Corner Brook Campus of College of the North Atlantic, Outer Bay of Islands Enhancement Committee (OBIEC), and Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador. 
Paul included in his talk some of this organization’s goals and projects, as they effect Corner Brook, the Humber Arm, the Bay of Islands and surrounding region. 
Paul’s illustrated talk was titled Cabox: A Study in Global Geoparks and Plate Tectonics. He began by speaking of the Appalachian trail which began in Georgia and 30 years ago was extended to Canada and now includes trails in Ireland, Greenland, Scotland, the Iberian Peninsula. He looked at the geology and history of the Appalachian – Caledonian Mountains that straggle eastern North America, eastern Greenland, western Europe and northwest Africa.
He continued by explaining that Geoparks are places where landscapes with outstanding geological heritage are used to support sustainable development. The geology in a Geopark is linked to sites with interesting geology, history, folklore and culture.
He continued by speaking of the local Cabox Aspiring Geopark by looking at its significant geological features and history and the work of explorers, and cartographers in the past which resulted in its rich geology being known. Paul talked about the development of trails and story boards being developed in the area.  His talk was fascinating and informative, and he was thanked by Olaf before
the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 25, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting.  
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Olaf introduced the guest speaker Janna Hartson.   Janna is a member of the Western Health FACT (Flexible Assertive Community Treatment) Team. First introduced in 2020, FACT teams provide treatment for individuals 18 years of age and older who are experiencing serious mental illness. The teams offer individuals hands-on assistance with daily living activities and provide continuous long-term support. Janna spoke about FACT and the composition of the local FACT team. FACT teams are often called hospitals without walls because they provide treatment such as medication administration when individuals are unwell and unable to do this themselves. FACT teams also closely monitor individuals, help with hospital admission when needed and with discharge back to community as soon as possible. Through their long-term engagement with individuals and families and their assertive outreach approach, they help prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions and provide better opportunities for individuals to live well in their communities. FACT teams are available up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week with after-hours service available in the event of emergencies.
Janna talked about her role as a member of the FACT team and the different services available. Throughout her talk she answered questions that added to her presentation so Rotarians could more fully appreciate the work she is doing. 
Janna was thanked for her most informative and interesting talk before the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, April 18, 2024
Vice-President Olaf chaired the meeting. 
 Guests Gerard Duffney and Kaitlyn Priddle were introduced and welcomed. 
Club Business
The Toonie Quest West 50-50 draw had a winner this week.  
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Carol introduced guest speaker Tammy Priddle. Tammy is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Deer Lake Regional Airport.  Her presentation gave the club an update on the Regional Deer Lake Airport Authority. 
 Tammy began by looking at the Strategic Plan 2022- 2024 in which the vision of the airport stated that Deer Lake Airport would be a leading regional airport in Canada, maximizing connections, opportunities and travel journeys for people, businesses, and the communities served.
The mission of the airport is to deliver exceptional airport services and facilities, enhance all customer and partner experiences and generate economic activity for the region.  She continued by looking at the core values of the airport that are that the airport will be safe, respectful, collaborative, inclusive, innovative, and accountable.  The airport is moving towards the goals of maximizing business development, delivering an exceptional passenger experience, expanding partnerships, and strengthening the organisation. Tammy noted that the airport is a community that has partnerships with local charities such as the Islaview Foundation and different businesses. 
 She continued by looking at the weekly destinations from Deer Lake in August 2023. There were 84 flights each week going to the different destinations of Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Moncton, Goose Bay, and Hamilton with the carriers being Air Canada, PAL Airlines and Swoop.
 The latest developments will be that in summer 2024 the seat capacity will exceed 2019 levels, tourism partnerships are strong and growing, there will be a focus collaboratively on developing the shoulder season, and economic and business development in the region relies on effective air service.  
However ongoing airline challenges with pilots and crew will impact the airport operations as will inflation and the continuing rising costs of goods and services plus the cost to do business. 
Tammy noted a significant number of regulatory changes and regulations are taxing the airport’s human and financial resources and is also driving a significant degree of changes and elevating the expectations of Transport Canada and the general public- re: air service and air operations.
Tammy looked forward to summer 2024 and the services that will be offered. Porter Airlines will be flying from Deer Lake to Halifax from June 4 onward. This will be a daily service ending in October.  Air Canada will offer more flights to Montreal and will use planes with a greater passenger capacity. West Jet will offer flights 4 days a week with one flight going from Deer Lake direct to Calgary. Flair will be offering flights 3 days a week to Kitchener/Waterloo. This is exciting news for people living in Western Newfoundland.
 She concluded her talk by reviewing what was happening next from the AGM on April 4th, a public meeting in Corner Brook on May 8th to developments in the next few months from an updated strategic plan for 2025 – 2019 to a new parking system, apron extension and configuration of lines to water system repairs and sewer up grades to name just a few. 
Tammy answered several questions before being thanked by Olaf on behalf of the club and the meeting adjourned.
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