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Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.
Glynmill Inn
1B, Cobb Lane
Corner Brook, NL A2H 2V3
Regular Rotary lunch meetings are held weekly at the Glynmill Inn on Thursdays at 12.30pm - 1.30pm. Rotarians and friends call 709 634 -3789 for more information.
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Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, February 8, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
There was winner this week in the Toonie Quest West draw.
Rotarians will sell toonie registration slips at a booth at the Winter Carnival Craft Fair on Saturday
Winter Carnival Local Feud on Tuesday February 20th at RAC at 7pm
Winter Carnival Event on Tuesday at the Rotary Arts Centre. Rotary with Xavier House is hosting a well name game show based on “Family Feud” which will be a Winter Carnival Local Feud between local groups.  Rotary will be having a team of five.  If you would like to participate in the Rotary team let Jackie know either today or tomorrow. It should be a fun event. To attend get tickets costing $10 at the door from the RAC or Xavier House.
Guest Speaker
Kathleen introduced Malcolm Turner from the Pasadena Ski and Natures Park.
 Malcolm gave us a history of the ski club, spoke of the different trails and the various activities of the club.
 Malcolm began by telling how the cross-country ski club came in to being. The first season it was in operation was 1977 – 78.   Preparations had begun the year earlier when a group of teachers thought skiing would be a great activity for children and young people.  Malcolm had a framed picture from the Western Star showing the new executive with several well-known names including Malcolm’s as the first president. In 1978 the new club hosted Marathon 1978. This required much work with trails having to be prepared etc. even though old woods roads and moose paths were being used. Over 300 people attended this event.
In the eighties proper trails were constructed and Malcolm who has been presidents several times and is now vice-president, showed a map of the present ski trails and snowshoe trails. There are 18 kilometres of trials with more to be added.
The club received a grant so the present two storey chalet could be built. Malcolm brought along a painting of the chalet which showed how it is situated. The chalet can hold 60 people downstairs.  He spoke of the many grants received by the club enabling purchase of ski equipment, improvement of trails, a new trail groomer this year.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, February 8, 2024
Past-President Andre chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
Nancy White was the winner this week in the Toonie Quest West draw.
Winter Carnival Local Feud
Winter Carnival Event on Tuesday February 20 at the Rotary Arts Centre. Rotary with Xavier House is hosting a well name game show based on “Family Feud” which will be a Winter Carnival Local Feud between local groups. Come along on the 20th to the Rotary Arts Centre, RAC to enjoy the fun. Cost is $10 and tickets are available at the RAC and Xavier House
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Andre introduced the guest presenter Dawn King, President of the Winter Carnival Committee.  Dawn presented a slide show about the activities taking place during Corner Brook Winter Carnival February 16 – 25, 2024. There are 94 different events advertised in the Winter Carnival booklet plus other activities not included in the booklet, which will all happen during Winter Carnival. The booklet has been distributed to homes in Corner Brook and is available from City Hall and the Winter Carnival office. All events are posted on the Carnival web page. 
She spoke about the motto for 2024 and how elementary school classrooms present suggestions with Eastside Elementary School Ms. Bromley’s Grade 6’s suggestion – It’s Winter Carnival ’24 with fun and games and more! - being the chosen motto.
The other contest for youth before Winter Carnival is the contest for high school students to select ambassadors for the carnival. Sadie McDonnell and Gavin Murphy are the ambassadors for 2024. They will attend functions and post on social media their experiences.
Dawn went through the different activities starting with the opening on Friday, February 16 when Leif the Lucky appears, and the carnival flag is hoisted. Throughout Carnival there are activities for all age groups including many meals, dances, a family fun day, and games.  There will be activities for everyone, so she urged Rotarians to get out and join in the fun.
 Dawn talked about the different levels of sponsorship of the Winter Carnival and the organisation behind this 10-day event and noted how over the years the budget has increased. This is a time when the community comes together to have fun, enjoy different foods and different activities. 
  Dawn answered a couple of questions before being thanked by Andre on behalf of the Club.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, February 1, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
At this week’s draw there was a roll over again as the person who played the winning number had not played this week. Remember if you paid in advance to the Toonie Quest West weekly draw to check the week when you need to add toonies. 
Winter Carnival Local Feud
Winter Carnival Event on Tuesday February 20 at the Rotary Arts Centre. Rotary with Xavier House is hosting a well name game show based on “Family Feud” which will be a Winter Carnival Local Feud between local groups. At the last lunch meeting on January 25th, Rotarians played the game and had lots of fun and laughter.  Come along on the 20th to the Rotary Arts Centre, RAC to enjoy the fun. Cost is $10 and tickets are available at the RAC and Xavier House
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Olaf introduced the guest speaker Ian Locke, associate artistic director of Camber Arts. Ian spoke about the impact of community music and musical theatre, not only on those involved in performances and productions, but also for those who are in the audience as well.  The community musical ‘The Music Man’ will be performed at the Corner brook Arts and Culture Centre on February 15th – 17th. Ian spoke about the story of this show and his character Harold Hill who visited River City, Iowa, with the aim to scam the citizens and then skip town.  Harold during the show, ends up wanting to help the community.
 Ian noted that when following a path forward it is important to have a deep appreciation of the past and as well as having a vision for the future. He noted the teachers such as Gary Graham, Katie Anderson and Jennifer Matthews have had a direct impact on the musical legacy in Corner Brook.
 He continued by talking of the upcoming community musical which has a cast of over 90 people and a 15-piece orchestra. He looked at the layers of mentors and mentees involved in music in Corner Brook and particularly in the upcoming musical. He gave a couple of examples of community involvement over the years showing the community dedication and support. Community musicals go back at least 20 years in Corner Brook which through the years have involved many citizens and added to the cultural life of the city.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, January 18, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. Guests Jennifer Crane and Lorraine’s mother Audrey were welcomed.
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Dean introduced the guest speaker Corner Brook Mayor Jim Parsons.
 Jim began by announcing that the city will be a Platinum sponsor of the 2024.
Rotary Music Festival.
He continued by giving an overview of what was and would be happening in Corner Brook in the next year.
He talked about the city budget for the year and the increases in costs. He commented that property taxes will increase for many people due to assessment increases. The unit charge for water has increased mainly due to the increase of chemical costs used to keep the water drinkable.
Jim noted that private and commercial construction value increased by 22% in 2023.
The topic he looked at next was tourism. Cruise tourism has increased tremendously with over 6000 people visiting Corner Brook in the past year bringing 4.1 million dollars economic value to the city. He continued by looking at the trail system which is being developed around the city which will benefit not only residents but visitors to the area.
 Then he dealt with construction in Corner Brook but particularly in the Mount Bernard area.  In the coming year, there will be some construction going up to the gas station on the corner of Mount Bernard Avenue and O’Connell Drive.
Jim continued by talking about housing in the city and the types of housing needed. He noted new single-family homes will be built in the areas close to the new hospital, but apartments are also needed in the city especially for older residents. Social housing is greatly needed as the waiting lists have grown with over 150 people qualifying for housing, but no housing is available. He commented that more action is need in this area.
He then considered the downtown area including West Street, Broadway, and the Brook Street – Commercial Street area. This latter area is a flood plain so development is limited. It is hoped the new municipal plan will help to address and improve downtown and encourage development through the private sector,
 To conclude his talk Jim mentioned several different happenings in the coming year. Firstly, the Rec Centre which is being developed at Grenfell Campus will be fully constructed. Included in this two-story facility will be swimming pools, a therapeutic pool and a gym with multipurpose rooms and a daycare centre.  The   Mill Whistler Road train has been very successful in the summer months resulting in the city approving the acquisition of another train.  A couple of other projects mentioned were the development of a small park on Griffin Drive and an intersection change from the Corner Brook Plaza to Confederation Drive.   
Gerry thanked Jim on behalf of the club and the meeting was adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, January11, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. 
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
There was no winner on the Toonie Quest West draw this week so the winning amount will be rolled over to the draw next week on January 18.  Remember if you paid in advance last year do check to see if you need to add more toonies to the Toonie Quest West weekly draw which helps support Xavier House and Corner Brook Rotary Club.
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Adam introduced his guest presenters Jennifer Snooks and Jessica Turner of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
Jennifer and Jessica did a joint presentation about a new program in the Corner Brook area, for youth 15 – 18 years, called WILD Outside. They began by introducing themselves so Rotarians could understand the skill set they brought to the program.
WILD Outside is a national conservation-based youth program whose mandate is to inspire youth participants to develop a passion for conservation, an awareness of their natural environment and a deeper appreciation for wildlife. This youth leadership program is open to all regardless of physical or economic barriers and there is no cost.
 The program includes opportunities for personal growth while developing and encouraging conservation. There are opportunities for outdoor adventure and immersive nature experiences. The benefits for youth are that this program is a way of students getting volunteer hours in a positive team environment and there is a community connection. There are mental health supports and benefits from the time spent in nature and there are many learning opportunities.   The experiences are different from those in a classroom or in organised sports activities.
The plans for 2023 – 24 include service projects such as community gardens, shoreline clean-up, community clean-ups and naturalist logging skills as well as recreation activities such as canoeing, paddling, hiking, snow shoeing and geocaching. The goal is to provide opportunities for new skills to be learnt, personal growth, and to encourage conservation ethic. Some of the learning opportunities are, Indigenous plant walks, leave no trace awareness, WILD Education training, wilderness survival skills , adventures smart training and a web series by industry professionals and other speakers.
During the school year the plan is to have one in-person activity per month, one speaker series per month often on-line. In summer there will be more activities planned.  Participants need to register.  For more information about WILD Outside and the program contact
 Jennifer and Jessica concluded their presentation by explaining how since the program was only introduced to the area last May they have be publicising this fantastic program to the youth of the area.
Gerry thanked Jennifer and Jessica for the informative and interesting presentation about WILD Outside and its many benefits for local youth. 
The meeting concluded with the Rotary wheel being spun and good news shared before being adjourned.
Notes from the Rotary Meeting 12.30pm Thursday, January 4, 2024
President Jackie chaired the meeting. Guests Neil Robbins and Glenda Simms were welcomed.
Club Business
Toonie Quest West
There was no winner on the Toonie Quest West draw on January 6 so the money will be rolled over into the winnings on the January 11 draw.  For anyone who paid for advance draws, do check to see if it is time to pay more money into the weekly Toonie Quest West draw. 
 It is hoped to have a table at the Winter Carnival Craft Fair in February to explain and sell subscriptions to this weekly draw that supports Xavier House and the Rotary Club of Corner Brook.
Adventures in Citizenship
The Adventures in Citizenship program will be going ahead this year in May in Ottawa.  Thanks go to Lesley who has successfully chaired this program in the past and a new chair will be named shortly.
Guest Speaker
Program-chair Gerry introduced the Honourable Gerry Byrne, Minister of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills and the Member of the House of Assembly, MHA for the Corner Brook electoral district. 
Gerry began by saying how pleased he was to speak to Rotary and how this Rotary forum for guest speakers helps stimulate debate and is a venue in which opinions can be expressed. He urged Rotary to stay strong and to continue to invite guest speakers to Rotary meetings. He was proud to be the first guest speaker for 2024. 
Communication between communities is greatly needed and then spoke of the success of Bay of Island FM radio station which through receiving up to 1 million dollars up front has been revitalised to become a strong community influence in the area. He noted the radio station has just received a national community award which is quite an achievement.
Gerry continued by  looking at some of the highlights of 2023. 
A major one is that the Newfoundland and Labrador population has increased by14,000.  This affects businesses – employers and employees and of course communities. Newfoundland has now a large Ukrainian population which is contributing in many ways to the economy.  He referred to housing which is a multifaceted issue and that in general new immigrants are not looking for social housing. He urged Corner Brookers to welcome and encourage new immigrants to the city. 
He went on to speak about Corner Brook in the coming year. 
 He noted that the new hospital is due to open later in the year. He spoke of some of the highlights of the new hospital with the modern individual rooms, clinics with the most modern equipment, radiation unit, dialysis unit and cancer care clinic.  Gerry referred to what will happen to the old hospital building. The Nursing School will for the moment still be based in the old hospital, but it will rest with Grenfell Campus and Memorial University when it has a new home.  
The Corner Brook port is doing extremely well commercially and in the tourism sector.  
Gerry feels the paper mill will continue as it has new markets, and he feels as a well-managed mill it will continue to exist.
The Corner Brook post-secondary educational institutions Grenfell Campus and College of the North Atlantic Campus are noted for their environmental excellence.  Now that hydrogen energy is becoming mainstream future training programs will be offered for those wishing to be employed in this sector.
 Gerry concluded that 2024 should be a good year for growth and prosperity for Corner Book
Bernd thanked Gerry on behalf of the club, for his talk before the meeting adjourned.
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